Your global partner

We export all over the world

Halewood does business across every continent; we have shipped to over 70 countries around the globe.

We partner with a range of organisations

While primarily choosing to partner with agents & distributors, we also work directly with Ministries of Health, Government procurement departments, universities, hospitals, and non-governmental organisations.

We provide regulatory expertise

Our regulatory team’s expertise and experience ensure we can rapidly register our UK products with the authorities in your market, meeting all your local requirements and providing the correct documentation.

We ensure a stable & reliable global supply chain

With over 70 years’ specialist experience, a global distribution network, and extensive planning, we guarantee our goods always arrive with you in a timely and secure manner.

Hear from some of our existing partners:

Halewood Chemicals Limited has been participating in our tender process over the past seventeen years. As a manufacturer, Halewood Chemicals Limited has not only provided products of the highest quality but has given excellent service.

Ministry of Health for a Caribbean country

We have been agents of Halewood Chemicals Limited for more than forty years. During this period of time, this company has maintained a good quality supply of their pharmaceuticals. Moreover, their supply of goods is very regular. We strongly recommend any company to co-operate with this company.

Agent, based in Hong Kong

Halewood Chemicals Limited has been a valued supplier for over 30 years now. They have been supplying us with pharmaceutical products of consistent quality and their reliability of service has been excellent. They have been instrumental in the continuing success and growth of our pharmaceutical division. I can confidently recommend Halewood Chemicals Limited as a solid and highly dependable supplier and experts in their field.

Distributor, based in the Philippines