Halewood Health launches DinoplaQ

Dinoplaq Logo

Halewood Health is proud to launch DinoplaQ: Plaque Disclosing Tablets For Kids.

Plaque is invisible and hides in the nooks and crannies of your teeth. DinoplaQ finds it and colours it so you can see it. Be a PlaQosaurus and clean if off! Fun to use and get that DinoplaQ clean feel. Use regularly for best results.

See the DinoplaQ product leaflet

How DinoplaQ works?
DinoplaQ contains a disclosing agent which reveals old and new plaque, ready for you to brush away

Key Features:
Reveal harmful plaque
For healthy gums and clean teeth

Key Benefits:
NEW plaque turns red
OLD plaque turns blue
Lowers the risk of plaque build-up which can lead to gum disease
Helps kids to improve their brushing